Jaden Smith Feeds the Homeless, Gives Clean Water to Flint — What Can't He Do?

Kyle Smith of the New York Post once called Jaden and Willow Smith, “uber-entitled, brainless, self-adoring, twaddle-spewing little munchkins.” He even said that Will and Jada might be the worst parents on the Earth.

It’s safe to say that he was 100% wrong.

Along with being an actor and musician, Jaden, the oldest of Will and Jada’s two kids together can now add “humanitarian” to his skill set. On Tuesday, the “Icon” rapper opened his pop-up vegan food truck, I Love You Restaurant, in LA’s Skid Row neighborhood. The truck will drive around LA, providing healthy and free meals to homeless people.

jaden smith food truck
Jaden Smith with his I Love You truck

Jaden’s growing love for philanthropy shouldn’t come as a surprise, mom Jada wanted to make sure that her kids were humble and always aware of the privileges they had. At the Sundance Film Festival in January, she said,

“I did not want them to grow up thinking that because they were in the midst of affluence that they did not have to grind or work hard on their own. These hours, this work ethic, you have to be on time. I think also they had to start their charity lifestyle very early, [at] 5 years old they were in the orphanages at homeless shelters.”

In an Instagram post announcing the launch of his latest venture, Jaden said,

“The @ILoveYouRestaurant Is A Movement That Is All About Giving People What They Deserve, Healthy Vegan Food For Free. Today We Launched Our First One Day Food Truck Pop-Up In Downtown L.A. Keep A Lookout Because This Is The First Of Many.”

The truck comes months after Jaden announced his foundation was joining forces with a local church to install water-filtration systems in Flint, Michigan, which has been without clean water for approximately five years. Jaden stepped in where the government wouldn’t, temporarily solving Flint’s crisis.

jaden smith food truck homeless
Food bowls from the I Love You truck

Like the truck, the water-filtration system is free and it will allow residents to filter up to ten gallons at once. The whole process only taking one minute to complete.

Speaking with Teen Vogue, Jaden said that Flint was the obvious choice to launch the system, named The Water Box.

“We have designs on a number of crisis areas around the country to deploy additional solutions, but naturally, Flint was a choice for a variety of reasons. First, because the crisis persists. Second, the conversation about Flint had faded from the public consciousness, and that is a problem.”

Jaden is a shining example of what could be accomplished if more celebrities use their affluence, privilege, and influence to make the world a better place.

If you’re feeling inspired by Jaden, you can provide drinkable water to the citizens of Flint by donating a 5-gallon jug here.


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