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If you missed the big Oscar disaster, honestly where have you been? But in case you are still not totally sure what happened, James Corden is here to recap it for you.

In a new video, Corden spoofs the audition scene from La La Land in which he summarizes the cringe-worthy moment. Can you get an Emmy nomination for an Oscar parody? Serious A+ timely writing and performing here.

With lines like “Here’s to the one’s who lose” and “Here’s to the Ryans who hold back from crying,” Corden is hilariously ruthless in his delivery.


Corden is garnering more popularity as late night’s newest “it boy”, so we’re thinking this could go viral. From hosting the Grammys to Carpool Karaoke and now this, we can’t wait to see what the show puts out next.

Although we are loving all the parodies and memes coming out of this craziness, we hope people don’t lose sight and forget the amazing victory by Moonlight. The beautiful film is important to watch, especially in our country’s current political and social climate. Also, supporting actor Mahershala Ali became the first Muslim actor to win an Academy Award. Let’s hope after that when EnvelopeGate dies down, the film will get the full recognition it deserves by viewers.

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