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[Spoilers ahead]

On last night’s episode of the beloved Jane The Virgin, one of our favorite characters and Jane’s hubbie, Michael (Brett Dier), met his death.

This shock was one not many viewers suspected would come so soon. However,in an open letter to the fans, showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman said she had hinted at his upcoming death.

Urman wrote:

“And even in season one, I knew it would be a hard thing to actually do, which is why there was a line (which many of you noticed) about how Michael would never stop loving Jane.  And the Narrator confirmed, ‘For as long as Michael lived, until he drew his very last breath, he never did.'”

Urman and the cast has had nothing but praise for Dier’s character and fans too eventually came to love the quirky man who would eventually be Jane’s husband after the crazy love triangle with Michael, Jane and Rafael (Justin Baldoni).

Although we have lost Dier, Urman said that he will be back for flashback scenes.

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