It’s official: The CW is currently in the process of creating a spinoff from Jane the Virgin.

According to Variety, the series would be executive produced by Jennie Snyder Urman and Gina Rodriguez. Reportedly, the series would focus on Jane’s fiction writing, with every season following a different one of her novels.

The spinoff plot is actually in line with a major fan theory for Jane the Virgin: that the entire show is based on Jane’s novel and that the narrator is actually the narrator of the book.

In this theory, the book in question is actually the book that Jane is currently writing (that she started in season 4), which starts with her abuela’s story.

jane the virgin fan theories
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Of course, if this ends up being true, then it means a rival fan theory is out the window. Another popular theory is that the narrator is Jane’s grandfather and Xo’s father Mateo. This was inspired by the narrator’s line at Xo’s wedding:

“And Xiomara? Well, she looked perfect. At least to the people who loved her most — which includes me.”

But if the novel theory is correct, then the grandfather theory is definitely out.

Either way, I’m psyched at the prospect of a JTV spinoff. Hopefully, the show will actually make it. We all know how many CW spinoffs never make it to air — namely The Gilmore Girls spinoff starring Jess and the many attempts at a Supernatural spinoff.

Jane the Virgin season 5 currently airs on The CW.


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