Besides the fact that she’s awesome.

We still can’t get over that Jane the Virgin season finale! But even more impressive is Yael Grobglas’ awesome performance as both Petra and Aneska.

So here’s a few things you may not know about the breakout actress:

1. She’s half Austrian, half French.

But she was actually raised in Israel! And while she currently resides in LA, she still cooks her favorite Israeli dish, shakshuka. She told GrubStreet,

“It’s a perfect homesickness remedy.”

2. Team Michael or Rafael? No way, she’s team Petra!

She told Vulture,

“There are so many theories of Jane and Petra running off together, seriously, to raise their children by themselves. I thought that would be great.”

jane the virgin yael grobglas
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3. She’s a crazy cat lady.

She admitted that she’s always had at least 4 cats since she was born. Love it!

4. Aneska’s mannerisms were actually inspired by her cats.

No, seriously!

“A lot of her voice, her yelps, her scratches, her body language, I call it ‘getting the fear.’ So she gets the fear sometimes, you know? She’s based on a few of my cats.”

jane the virgin yael grobglas
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5. She didn’t grow up thinking she’d become an actress.

Yael, who started off as a dancer and model, said she never considered going into acting until her father encouraged her to take a class. When her dad brought it up, she said,

“I’d never considered it, but a light bulb went on.”

6. She’s besties with her co-stars!

It’s true. Yael is always spotted hanging out with costars Diane Guerrero (Lina), Brett Dier (Michael), and Yara Martinez (Luisa) in their off time. How cute!


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