'Jane the Virgin': The Definitive Ranking of Jane's Boyfriends

Love, sex, and relationships are all central themes of the CW’s Jane the Virgin. I mean, let’s not forget the original premise of the show. Over the course of the show’s 4-ish seasons, Jane has been romantically involved to some degree with a handful of men. And none of them are thrown into the story by accident. Some are clearly better than others, both in terms of personality and purpose. But who is the best? Well, we’re here to tell you. But let’s start with the men who weren’t meant-to-be.

7. Dennis

Nothing against Dennis, he’s a good guy. But he and Jane were never meant to be together. He was Michael’s co-worker and she rightfully wondered if she was interested in him just to try to keep Michael’s spirit alive. But they aren’t compatible and are awkward together. They aren’t really a match and quickly, but maturely, end things. Dennis’s role in Jane’s story is important though, as he is the first guy Jane dates after Michael’s passing.

6. Sam

Poor Sam didn’t have much of a chance. As a quick refresher, Sam is the hunky book nerd who Jane crushed on for 17 months before he asked her out the day after her 21st birthday (i.e. when she and Michael met). They have the same interests, and he knows that Jane likes to know the end of stories before she reads them. Seems like a match made in heaven, right? Not necessarily. If you remember, Jane briefly tried to date both him and Michael at the same time, but that didn’t really work out. Nothing against Sam, but he basically just seemed like a device used to bolster Jane and Michael’s relationship. Jane is a hopeless romantic and even this seemingly perfect guy wasn’t right for Jane because they want to make it clear that she was meant to end up with Michael.

5. Fabian

Fabian is pretty terrible. Sure he had his moments of endearment when his relationship with Jane began, but don’t be fooled by the “nice guy” persona. Those are the ones to watch out for. Because truthfully, he’s shallow, selfish, vengeful. And he called Jane a slut. So he sucks. But that’s also kind of the point because it is what he represents that is important to Jane and her character development. It is her fling with Fabian where she changes her attitudes about sex (KEY to the show and her character) and is again open to the idea of being with someone after Michael’s death. So his story and presence are important, but he personally is terrible.

jane the virgin boyfriends
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4. Jonathan

Jane’s fling with her grad school professor was short but steamy. There was definite long-term potential between the two. They had similar interests and clear chemistry, but he also challenged her, which was refreshing to see. Relationships don’t have to be all dreamy and fairytale-like to be good. But ultimately, she is not ready to be with him (plus, she loves Michael, even if she wasn’t sure at this point).

3. Adam

An old flame sweeping in at just the right moment is so fitting for Jane the Virgin, it hurts. I mean, not even Jane Villanueva could have written this story (jk, she totally could). You just can’t help but feel warm and fuzzy when the two reconnect and sync up like no time has passed at all. Plus, it just feels so good to see Jane happy and to have things go right for her. Adam really cares about Jane and even surprises her by designing her book cover. And that dance he does with Mateo? SWOON. But now, he’s moving to LA??? It all seemed too good to be true. So his future with Jane is unclear, his ranking might change…

2. Rafael

Even as an avid Jane the Virgin fan, sometimes I have to re-read episode recaps to remember where Jane and Rafael stand. The constant “will they or won’t they” theme runs throughout the entire series, and sometimes I can’t even keep up. But at the end of the day, Jane and Raf truly care for and love each other, even when they aren’t romantically involved. And I love that. But adding in the Petra component always makes feelings confusing as well. Overall, I’m a fan of Jane and Rafael, regardless of where they stand romantically. Plus, he is her baby daddy… but would it be cheesy if they end up together? Undecided.

1. Michael

I was #TeamMichael from the beginning. Maybe I am blinded by his charm and winning smile, but how can you not be? He certainly has his flaws, but I do think he and Jane were the best match. All signs indicate that he is her true love, and you can’t help but get teary-eyed whenever he is brought up in current episodes. Ugh, my heart.

The frequent plot twists and character developments in the show make this list subject to change. Who do you think is the best guy for Jane?


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