Turns out you weren’t the only one surprised by the finale of this week’s episode.

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Turns out you weren’t the only one surprised by the finale of this week’s Jane the Virgin episode. Brett Dier (Michael) had the same reaction!


Speaking with Vulture, he admitted that although he knew Michael’s death was coming, he was still totally blown away when it finally happened.

“I was shocked. I was really shocked. You know when actors are like, “I felt like Michael, this character that I played, was such a big part of me”? I always thought that was wishy-washy and I was like, “Eh, shut up.” But … I get it. It makes so much sense. Michael does feel like a huge part of me and having to kill him off was very difficult for me to do. I felt like he was a friend of mine, or something. It was very weird.”

Of course, Dier knew that it was coming as early as season one when he heard the narrator’s line “Michael will love Jane “until he drew his very last breath,” which also clued in many viewers, by the way.

Nonetheless, it was still difficult to finally say goodbye to Jane the Virgin.

“I love them so much, the crew and the cast. They’re incredible. And we all got along. We have a group text that we’ve been doing for three years, and we’re always sending each other love. It’s just so weird not being physically there in that family anymore.”

Although Dier will still appear occasionally on the show in the form of flashbacks, he’ll basically be off the cast list.

Well we’ll definitely miss you, Brett Dier! #TeamMichael all the way!

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