I think we can all agree that Jane the Virgin has only gotten better and better as time goes by.

And according to Gina Rodriguez, the season is only getting started. She told InStyle,

“This season is my favorite one yet. The writing is so smart it’s next level. And yet it’ll still bring all the feels. I’m also going to direct an episode this season. Directors don’t get episodes until about a week before we start shooting, so I’m not sure which one it’ll be yet, but it’s exciting!”

The writing on this show has always been witty, smart, and emotional — all the things we could hope for from a TV show. Not to mention that the cast is amazing at bringing the writing to life.

This season, the show brought on Tyler Posey as Jane’s first love Adam. The two have reconnected and (spoiler alert) it seems like he’ll be sticking around for at least a few more episodes. On Friday’s episode, Adam decided to ditch a job offer in L.A. in order to explore his relationship with Jane further. And according to showrunner Jenni Snyder Urman, he’ll have a lot of influence over Jane. She told Variety,

“He brings a totally different energy to the men we’ve had on ‘Jane.’ He has a more youthful energy, he’s a less planned person. He’s at a different point in his career. He has roommates, he’s living a much more 20-something life, whereas Jane, after she was accidentally inseminated, had to grow up quickly and make real-life decisions very quickly. Part of his energy is reminding Jane she’s only 28 years old and she still has a lot of youth left in her.”

And while they’re always adding new characters, it now seems like they’re going to kill off a major character. Apparently, either Rafael, Petra, Alba, Magda, Luisa, or Anezka will die before the end of the season. We have a feeling the first three are safe, but as for the rest? Who knows! Jane the Virgin loves to surprise their fans.

More to come this season includes Rogelio and Xo dealing with the new baby, Rafael trying to get his hotel back, more flashbacks to Michael, and a more twenty-something Jane. With last season focused on mommy-hood, it will be nice to see Jane enjoy her youth for once. Can’t wait!

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