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We knew that some point Jane Villanueva’s first love Adam would come into the picture. But what do we really know about the Jane the Virgin hunk?

Adam, played by Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey, made his first appearance in the season 3 finale of Jane the Virgin. We know next to nothing about him and his history with Jane. But not the show’s EP Jennie Snyder Urman is spilling (some of) the deets.

Speaking with EW, she said,

“He’s an illustrator of graphic novels. So he can illustrate and she can write. They’ll have a collaboration at some point. He’s more of a youthful energy. Jane has had a lot of weight on her shoulders and this is somebody that’s going to be reminding her that she’s 27 years old. He’s a little bit more adventurous than maybe Jane is right now.”

We were totally shocked when Tyler Posey was selected for the role. But according to Ulman, he was the perfect fit.

“We just love him, so we were thrilled that he said he would do it. Obviously, he has so much experience, but he also had very serious stuff on Teen Wolf and also can play this lighter stuff. I saw this H&M commercial where he just had this energy. And we wanted a new, fresh start for Jane, something that’s going to bring us into a new, exciting arena and he’s just got a natural charisma and an energy that’s going to be so different from Rafael and also Michael. He’s much more of a daredevil, which is trying for someone like Jane, but also exciting.”

Of course, Jane’s love life isn’t the only thing to change come season 4. Rogelio and Xo are married and dealing with a baby, Luisa is becoming the villain, Rafael is broke, and so much more. We can’t wait all summer!

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