A few months ago, 18-year-old transgender activist Jazz Jennings successful underwent gender confirmation surgery. And now that she’s on the mend, she’s ready to share all the details. And I mean all of them.

Jazz gave an interview with ABC to discuss what went down with her surgery.

Jazz called the whole experience “a dream” and added,

“This is a moment that I had always envisioned and just experiencing it was so surreal. I was like, I can’t believe this is happening.”

While Jazz is completely OK now, there were a few complications that occurred during the surgery.

Since Jazz knew from a very young age that she was transgender, she decided to start taking hormone blockers at the age of 11 to prevent her body from going through puberty. But this brought up a few issues when it came to the surgery.

For Jazz’s vaginal construction surgery, her doctors planned on using her current tissue. But since Jazz had been on hormone blockers, she didn’t have much tissue to work with. She explained,

“I didn’t have enough growth down below. So there wasn’t enough tissue to work with when it came to the surgery. And it was very challenging to find a doctor, a surgeon who was willing to perform the operation on me just ’cause I’m such a difficult case.”

She added,

“They’re using the tissue I have, the peritoneum, and also, they may take a skin graft as well. I say it’s going to be like a patchwork vagina, Franken-vagina.”

Things didn’t exactly work out as planned so Jazz had to go in for a second procedure to clean things up a bit. She explained,

“There was just an unfortunate event and setback where things did come apart, and there was a complication. I had to come back in for another procedure, but it was just all part of the journey. The good thing though is that it was only cosmetic and external so it wasn’t too dramatic. My life wasn’t in danger. I had the guidance of two incredible surgeons, and they really just supported me throughout the entire process and took control over the matter.”

Luckily, everything worked out perfectly for Jazz, who is thrilled to have completed the surgery.

“I just get to be myself, be in the body that I’ve always wanted. And then I can live my life as just Jazz.”

I couldn’t be more thrilled for Jazz that she’s happy with the results, and more importantly, that the surgery went safely.

A lot of trans individuals keep tight-lipped about the procedures they’ve had (Laverne Cox notoriously shut down Wendy Williams on the topic), so it’s a surprise that Jazz has been so open. Every individual has a right to keep their decisions private, and nobody should be forced to tell you what is or isn’t in their pants.

But I’m so glad that Jazz decided to share her story because she’s a role model to so many young trans individuals. By giving the details of her successful surgery, she is giving every one of those kids a little bit of hope that that could be them one day.

Congrats again, Jazz!

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