Jenny Slate Takes On Social Media Trolls

jenny slate
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Any social media user knows that people online can be real jerks.

With their large follower count, celebs especially can be subject to internet abuse from trolls. But Jenny Slate is not having it and explains how she doesn’t let people like this get to her.

In an interview with SheKnows, Slate explained

“The only decorum that there is is face-to-face decorum. That is the morality and the system of manners that should be employed online. It isn’t, because people can hide and they act weird. They succumb to that temptation. I just think feel like everything is face-to-face, use that same rule when you go on the internet. No, I have never been driven to delete [my social media] because I control it. I can’t control other people, but no one’s in my house.”

Jenny continued with advice for people feeling overwhelmed by Internet haters. Slate said,

“The fact is that there are many, many people who feel alone and isolated and want somebody to be speaking so that they can speak as well. The positives far outweigh the negatives. Maybe people will be mean to you on the internet, but they’re not at your front door. They’re not at your dinner table. You can decide whether or not they’re real characters in your life.”

My goodness, she is so intelligent and articulate! That probably explains why Chris Evans can’t stop gushing over her despite their breakup.

So there you have it. Internet trolls may be there, but don’t invite them in.

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