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Jimmy Fallon’s head writer A.D. Miles will be leaving The Tonight Show.

Say it ain’t so!

Miles has worked with Fallon from his days on Late Night, through his transition to The Tonight Show.

Although usually working behind the scenes as a writer, you may recognize him as stepdad Gary on the show’s “Ew!” segment.

The decision to leave is amicable and professional, as Miles will be moving out to L.A. with his family to pursue other show formats beyond the late night style.

In a statement, Fallon said,

“Miles was there for the launch of Late Night as well as the launch of The Tonight Show. He is one of the funniest, most creative people I’ve ever met and I can’t wait to work on this next project with him. He’s family to us, and we are gonna miss him.”

The project Fallon refers to is an animated movie the two are working on together. Definitely, something to look forward to!

We totally respect Miles’ choice to pursue other opportunities but wonder what this means for the show. With a new head writer, will there be new “Ew!” segments? Who will play Gary????

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