‘The Bachelor’ Corinne Olympios on Jimmy Kimmel: Don’t Ever Give Me a Rose Again

corinne sent home
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Jimmy Kimmel decided to have a little chat with Corinne after she [SPOILER ALERT] was sent home from The Bachelor.

On last night’s “shocking” episode of The Bachelor, Nick said goodbye to the season’s most controversial contestant, Corinne. Although she was starting to grow on us, is anyone truly surprised that she got the boot?

Following the episode, Corinne chatted with Jimmy Kimmel via Skype. In the interview, she discussed her departure from the show as well as her future plans.

Watch the interview below and feel free to form your own opinions, but in our eyes, Jimmy Kimmel comes across as condescending and rude. He may be “joking” but he starts the interview with the statement, “you seem like a terrible person”. Um, excuse you?

Can we just let her live, please? She may be over-the-top and spoiled, but she’s not a bad person. Corinne holds her own in the interview and echoes what future Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay said: “There’s a lot that wasn’t shown”.

Side note, can we agree that Jimmy Kimmel is a little bit much in general? His mean tweets keep us laughing, but between that ridiculous “bus tour” bit, his racist remarks on the Oscars, and his opening comment with Corinne, we are not having it.

Regardless, Corinne defends herself and relays a message for any future suitors.

Corinne said,

“If anyone ever tries to give me red roses again, I think I might punch them in the face”.

Understandable, honestly.

Who do you think is going to make it to the final two?

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