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So, a lot happened at last night’s Oscars, amiiright?

While the most talked-about moment of the show may be when they accidentally announced the incorrect winner of the Best Oscar, one moment that definitely didn’t fly by us was Jimmy Kimmel’s racist jokes. And let us clarify, it was not just one moment, but many moments.

Kimmel used his hosting gig to make fun of people of color’s names and to lift a black child up in the air like a lion. Let’s get into it.

Muslim actor Mahershala Ali was awarded the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor and gave a particularly moving acceptance speech, during which he thanked his wife who had just given birth to their daughter a few days prior. Kimmel took the chance to make a jab at the actor’s name and asked if he named his daughter something “normal” like Amy. Because that’s exactly what we need at a time when Muslim immigrants are getting banned from the country simply based on their religion, right? Not to mention that Ali is the first Black Muslim to ever win an Oscar.

Kimmel also took the opportunity to make fun of an Asian woman’s name, whom he met during his tour bus skit. Her name was Yulerie and Jimmy Kimmel quickly made a face as if to say what a weird-sounding name. After he then met another tourist named Patrick, he remarked, “Now that’s a name.” Rude.

Later, Kimmel took it upon himself to lift Sunny Pawar, aka the 8-year-old Indian star of Lion, into the air like a lion The Lion King-style. What’s wrong with that you say? You think it’s cool for a white man to lift up a brown child-like his prized lion?

All of these things may seem like small incidents but it’s this type of everyday racism that infiltrates our society and makes people think it’s ok to be derogatory towards people of color.

Now, do we think Jimmy was trying to be racist? Probably not. But a grown man in 2017 should know better. Period.

Have we learned nothing from #OscarsSoWhite?

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