John Cho to Recur on Season 3 of Difficult People

john cho difficult people
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John Cho on Difficult People? Yes, please!

The Star Trek actor will recur in Season 3 of the series.

Deadline reports that,

“Cho will play Todd in a multi-episode arc. Billy (Eichner) has finally met his romantic match with Todd, his first real boyfriend – an advertising executive who’s as much of a dick as Billy and Julie (Klausner). Billy and Todd connect after neither of them backs down from a prank war, and season 3 follows the pair as Billy has to navigate “couple” things, having only had Julie has a soul mate previously”.

This is going to be great, we can already tell. Billy has had a few famous actors come on the show to play potential love interests (including the sexy Nyle DiMarco), but this might be the best one yet!

Difficult People, a Hulu Original series, is created by Julie Klausner and produced by one of our all-time faves, Amy Poehler.

It has earned positive feedback from critics and fans alike from its first two seasons.

You can catch up on the first two seasons on Hulu, or watch some of our favorite Billy on the Street clips to hold you over.

Season 3 releases this summer.

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