John just knows all the right words.

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John Legend really has a way with words, doesn’t he? The singer/songwriter recently dished on why he looks up to the Obamas and what makes them America’s perfect family.

Chatting with The Daily Beast, John gushed,

Just as people, as parents, and as a family, they’ve been a great example—and an aspirational one for not just people in this country, but people all over the world. For us all to be privy to a film about how that started is pretty cool.”

He added, “You forget that he’s not Obama sometimes.”

source: Instagram

America’s first family may be exiting the office soon, but they’ll be staying in the spotlight. John is producing a film about Barack and Michelle’s meeting called Southside With You. The singer compared the film to the award-winning biopic Selma, as they both tell “important stories of important periods in time.”

John said he was enthusiastic about the film from the get-go, monitoring the script from the early stages. He eventually came on as an executive producer once the film was complete. He also composed an original song for Southside, of course, called Start.

“The Obamas have been a great example for the country and I think people are getting a bit nostalgic for that now when they see what some of the alternatives might be.”

Hint. Hint. (We feel you, John.)

And while John has backed Hillary Clinton both publicly and financially, his heart is still with Obama and all the work he’s done in the last four years.

“He’s increased access to health care, taken job creation to a whole other level, lowered the unemployment rate, and done a lot to combat climate change. And at the same time, he’s been a very great president to represent our country. He’s someone we can be proud of, and his family is one to be proud of as well.”

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