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Is John Legend the perfect man, or what? The singer and proud liberal is currently working on a secret project for Planned Parenthood.

So if it’s such a secret, how do we know this? Well, someone might have tweeted out a picture of the event taking place. Brandon Stusey, Editor-In-Chief at The Creative Independent, tweeted out,

In case you can’t get a good look, that’s St. Vincent, aka Cara Delevingne’s ex, sitting next to Legend.

Legend has been extremely vocal through and after the election so we have a feeling that the project with Planned Parenthood will be somewhat political. Especially since the GOP plans to send through a new health care bill that defunds Planned Parenthood completely.

John Legend has often spoken out against Donald trump immediately Instagrammed a pictured of him and his family after the election along with the caption,

“I wanted us to destroy the highest glass ceiling instead of electing an admitted sexual assaulter. But we did not. These are the election results and all of us will have to learn to deal with it. I will not give up though. I will continue to be aware and vigilant. I will continue to speak out for justice. We didn’t think about the election when we planned the release date for this song and video. But in this time of conflict and uncertainty, it’s clear that we all need more love.”

Although Legend has received some backlash for what fans consider to be “overly political,” he doesn’t let that deter him from speaking his mind.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted as soon as we find out anything more regarding Legend’s new project with Planned Parenthood.

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