World Forgets Johnny Depp is Wife Beater; Gives Him Award Instead

johnny depp amber heard abuse trial
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What is happening?! Apparently the world has not only forgiven Johnny Depp for beating his ex-wife Amber Heard, but is already awarding him for being an icon.

Last night at the People’s Choice Awards, Depp was the recipient of, and I kid you not, the “Favorite Movie Icon” award. In case you forgot — and you must have forgotten if you gave him this damn award — the word “icon” is synonymous with hero, idol, superstore, etc. As in, not someone who beats their wife.

While the Pirates of the Caribbean actor gave his acceptance speech, the crowd cheered and screamed out “I love you.”

Depp responded “I love you too” and said in his speech,

“I came here for you, the people who through whatever good times or bad, you know, have stood by me, trusted me. Thank you. You very, very graciously invited me here once again tonight. So I appreciate that very much.”

Trust you? How can we trust you? There is literally photographic proof of the damage you did to Heard.


I guess we’ll just go ahead and add Depp to the other long list of celebrity men whose crimes will be forgiven and forgotten as if they never did anything wrong in the first place.

Depp and Heard recently finalized their divorce in which Heard was awarded $7 million. The actress is donating the full amount to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and the domestic violence unit of the ACLU.

Lena Finkel
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