Jupiter Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner Review: The Products That Finally Got Rid of My Itch

jupiter drandruff shampoo review
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This is a sponsored article, however, the following is an honest account of my experiences using Jupiter products.

I’ve been suffering from severe seborrheic dermatitis since I was young. So when someone says there’s a new dandruff product available, I’m usually the first in line.

This time, the new kid on the block is Jupiter, a clean, vegan, upscale brand that claims to reimagine dandruff products.

Everything in the brand’s line is sulfate-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and dye-free, which means no harsh chemicals. (It’s also cruelty-free!).

For this article, I tested out the Balancing Shampoo and the Nourishing Conditioner for two weeks — which is how long Jupiter says it can take to see full results.

But before we get into the actual review itself, let’s get into some of my qualifications…

My Dandruff Story

jupiter balancing shampoo review
Credit: Lena Finkel / Femestella

Like I said earlier, I’ve had pretty severe seborrheic dermatitis since I was a kid. I tried literally everything to get rid of it growing up: countless OTC shampoos with zinc pyrithione, then more intense shampoos with coal tar.

Eventually, the plaques and scales got so bad that I went to the dermatologist where she prescribed a ketoconazole shampoo for my scalp and a strong hydrocortisone cream for behind my ears.

I’ve since gotten the plaques under control, but I still get regular old dandruff every winter.

This year, my scalp has been particularly itchy so I’m excited at the idea of trying something new.

First Impressions

jupiter shampoo review
Credit: Lena Finkel / Femestella

I’m a sucker for cute packaging so I’m already loving the bottles. They definitely don’t look like other dandruff products and look significantly nicer sitting in my shower.

I also like that the list of inactive ingredients includes things like apple extract, citrus peel oil, and garlic extract, which bodes well for their clean beauty claims.

jupiter conditioner review
Credit: Lena Finkel / Femestella

The shampoo is thick like other OTC options but significantly less messy. And it also has a much lighter, fresher scent, which is perfect for me since I have a pretty oversensitive nose.

As for the conditioner, it has a thick consistency and is clearly much better quality than the watered-down brands I usually buy at the drugstore for $8. I’m a little worried at the smaller bottle size since my hair is so long and thick, but I’m hoping a little will go a long way in this case.

The Results

jupiter dandruff review
Credit: Lena Finkel / Femestella

I was a little nervous at first when I didn’t get that tingly sensation from the shampoo like I have with other dandruff products. But it’s clear when I step out of the shower and look in the mirror that the shampoo and conditioner are already working.

After I dry my hair, I can see that my flakes are already *significantly* reduced and even the itchiness has been turned down a few notches.

I only wash my hair every 2-3 days and my scalp usually gets pretty itchy by day 3. But after one use of Jupiter, I’m already seeing a noticeable difference.

Over the next two weeks, I washed my hair a total of 5 times, and the difference is truly incredible. The flakes are 99.9% gone and the itchiness is 95% gone.

jupiter dandruff conditioner review
Credit: Lena Finkel / Femestella

I’m pretty impressed with how quickly the Jupiter shampoo and conditioner worked to get rid of my dandruff, particularly when it came to the itchiness. Other brands have gotten rid of the flakes but not quite the itch.

Like I said earlier, I’ve tried *a lot* of dandruff products and this is really miles above the rest. Of course, it was a huge relief to finally deal with my itchy scalp, but it was also really nice to use products that didn’t feel like they were made for dandruff. I mean, this is a far cry from the sticky coal tar shampoo of my youth (trust me, you don’t want that mess all over your shower walls).

Jupiter’s line is definitely a little pricier than most other OTC dandruff brands on the market, but the shampoo and conditioner really feel like high-quality products. But most importantly? They actually work.

A Few Pro-Tips

jupiter dandruff shampoo conditioner review
Credit: Lena Finkel / Femestella
Tip #1: Use a Shampoo Brush

I have extremely thick hair to contend with, so it’s pretty difficult to get anything on my scalp itself. I highly recommend you use a shampoo brush with these products. I bought mine on Amazon for pretty cheap (I use this one) but Jupiter also sells their own (here).

Not only do shampoo brushes really help you massage the shampoo into your scalp, but it also feels amazing! On top of that, it helps release some of the flakes, debris, and buildup from your scalp so you can wash it away more easily. I definitely think it helped speed up my results.

Tip #2: Leave the Conditioner On For a Few Extra Minutes

I personally found that leaving the Jupiter Nourishing Conditioner on my hair for 2-3 minutes really helped the product soak into my hair, making it noticeably softer when it dried. Just make sure you wash out every ounce when you’re done!

If you’re interested in trying Jupiter, you can check out their website here. You can also buy their products on Amazon here.

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