To say Kaley Cuoco is an animal lover is probably an understatement.

Kaley and her husband Karl Cook have 7 dogs as well as horses, bunnies, goats, and pigs.

So she had no intention of adopting another dog when she decided to foster. She explained,

“I wanted to go on this new adventure of fostering, right? I saw a picture of this dog who can’t really walk, he’s very overweight, he’s old, his teeth are falling out. I’m like, that’s the one I want! Can you bring — can I have him?

kaley cuoco dogs

Kaley recalls the chihuahua, dubbed “Dumpy”, as being “very scared” at the beginning. He would hide under blankets, trying to make himself as invisible as possible.

But a few days in and Kaley was already hooked.

“I was going to bed and my husband — I had Dumpy under the covers with me and I’m just bawling my eyes out. He was like, what’s the matter? I’m like, I can’t give this dog away! I was just hysterical.”

kaley cuoco husband karl cook

Dumpy quickly turned into a “foster fail” and Kaley adopted him a few months later.

“It’s crazy, he’s become my soulmate. This dog — I don’t know what he has done to me but we are inseparable. It has been the most magical relationship. He’s traveled with me to New York. He’s now with me in Toronto while I’m shooting. He’s changed my life.”

kaley cuoco the flight attendant

Kaley was never looking to make a permanent addition to her crew. But along came Dumpy.

“I never thought I would go the chihuahua route. We like big dogs. So to all of a sudden now have this small little dog who has totally taken over my heart… It’s funny, it doesn’t matter what kind of dog it is, what they look like. If they’re meant to be with you, they’re meant to be with you.”

kaley cuoco animal activist

As for Dumpy, he seems to have settled in with Kaley and her family perfectly. He gets along with the pack of dogs and has lost a few lbs. But most importantly, he finally has his forever home.

You can follow Dumpy and all of his adventures on his Instagram account @adventurers_with_dumps.

You can also follow the rescue organization, A Purposeful Rescue, that connected Dumpy and Kaley on Instagram here.


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