Sen. Kamala Harris Nails It Talking About Gun Control

Do you ever hear someone say exactly what you were thinking? Enter Senator Kamala Harris.

The 2020 Presidential hopeful is currently on her campaign tour and stopped to talk with reporters about gun safety laws.

Harris herself is a gun owner (she has a handgun, which she keeps locked up) and believes that the division between gun ownership and gun activism is completely unnecessary.

According to CNN, she told reporters in Iowa,

“We are being offered a false choice. You’re either in favor of the Second Amendment or you want to take everyone’s guns away.”

She continued,

“It’s a false choice that is born out of a lack of courage from leaders who must recognize and agree that there are some practical solutions to what is a clear problem in our country. Part of the practical solution is to agree that we need smart gun safety laws. Period.”

Harris’ statement exemplifies rhetoric that is rarely articulated clearly: You can be both a gun owner and want safer gun laws on the books. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

Of course, the NRA was less than thrilled with Harris’ words and claimed it was a “full-throated attack on gun owners” in a statement (ahem, propaganda) released online.

Senator Harris is currently co-sponsoring a bill with Senator Diane Feinstein to ban assault weapons.


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Lena Finkel
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