After a summer of awesome new music, almost nobody is talking about Katy Perry and Witness.

Katy released three singles — “Swish, Swish,” “Chained to the Rhythm,” and “Bon Appetite” — before dropping Witness at the top of the summer. The problem? It was a universal flop. Critics hated it, fans were clearly not impressed, and the singles soon stopped playing on the radio.

So what exactly does Katy do? Try to stir up her old feud with Taylor Swift through the guise of her music.

The whole feud is supposedly based on the fact that Katy “stole” a backup dancer from Swift. Oh yeah, and they both happened to date the John Mayer, so that probably didn’t help either. But all of this happened years ago. Taylor dated John in 2010, then Katy and John connected in 2012. The dancer incident happened one year later. Then, Taylor released “Bad Blood” about Katy back in 2014. So to clarify, Katy is reliving issues that happened at least three years ago. That’s basically a lifetime in the pop star world!  Shouldn’t this be old news by now?

And yet Katy continues to do interview after interview about Swift. First, she says she’s “ready to let the whole thing go,” then she’s back to being mad as hell. Most recently she did a radio interview in which she said she would be willing to patch up the beef but hasn’t heard anything from Taylor. And now she’s planning her own revenge music video for “Swish, Swish” that will mimic “Bad Blood” in its use of celeb cameos and “wolf versus. Sheep” theming (she previously called Swift a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” via Twitter).

Honestly, who gives a shit?

The only reason we can think of that Katy would be dredging up this nonsense is because, to put it bluntly, she has nothing else to talk about. Nobody wants to talk about her music, and we’re tired of hearing about her on-again-off-again romances with Orlando Bloom. Her career has become redundant and it feels like she just doesn’t know how to take the next steps.

Listen, we’re not trying to hate on Katy. She obviously has a lot of talent and stage presence — there’s a reason she’s even lasted this long while so many others end up as one-hit-wonders. But her career has gotten off track. She’s lost that catchy-pop sound that she became known for and her girl-power messaging has been sorely lacking in her new songs. While we appreciate her attempt to get more “woke” (see: “Chained to the Rhythm”), it just didn’t work. And instead of trying to make headlines with a lame catfight, it’s simply time for her to move on.

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