'Killing Eve' Season 3: Villanelle is Ready to Be Her Own Boss Babe

Villanelle is back, she’s in charge, and she’s… in a clown suit? Well, surely everyone’s favorite psychopathic assassin has a reason. And viewers are liable to find out when Killing Eve returns for its third season on April 26.

If you’ll remember, Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger with Villanelle (Jodie Comer) shooting Eve (Sandra Oh) in the back after the latter refused to run off with her in Rome. The shocking finale not only bookends with the culmination of Season 1 (where Eve stabs Villanelle) but it raises some interesting questions.

Was there ever a chance that Eve would have gone with Villanelle to America? Was she trying to keep in line with her “good guy” disposition or did she let Villanelle lead her off because of the shock, which eventually wore off?

killing eve season 3

Whatever the scenario, there’s sure to be more of the show’s requisite introspective drama and intrigue this season, according to Executive Producer Sally Woodward Gentle. Woodward Gentle said that the upcoming episodes are their most personal and “emotionally rocky” yet and Villanelle and Eve both walk away from their fateful encounter with new objectives in mind. Villanelle’s, not unexpectedly, is to be a Boss.

According to Jodie Comer, it’s all about the character gaining command over her life. Comer told EW,

“A big theme for Villanelle is her trying to gauge some sense of control. She is a very free spirit, and she always seems to be under the thumb of this higher entity, whoever that may be. She’s really trying to shake that off.”

She added,

“She is trying to find her own way and be in charge and make her own rules — and she finds herself having to prove that she’s ready and she’s capable.”

As for who Villanelle’s potential clown accomplish is, neither Woodward Gentle or Comer would say. Woodward Gentle only teased,

“The question is, who is complicit and why they are complicit?”

Killing Eve season 3 premieres April 26 on BBC America.


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