kim kardashian flu
source: Instagram

When you’re in the Kardashian-Jenner clan, pretty much everything you do or say is dissected and open for criticism, warranted or not.

Although Kim K’s most recent criticism might have some validity to it.

This morning, Kim tweeted:


Naturally, this received backlash from the Twitterverse.

Many fans also came to Kim’s defense, insisting she was joking.

Kidding or not, when you have as much influence as the Kardashians do, you have to be mindful of your words. First of all, the flu is still a fatal disease that can actually kill its less-fortunate sufferers. Additionally, saying that illness is a good way to lose weight might encourage people to try to get sick or make themselves sick for weight loss results. Especially when the bodies of this family are valued like currency in our society, people might go to some extreme lengths to achieve that look.

Please don’t think that the flu is a cool way to lose weight.

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