'Kimmy Schmidt' Finale: 7 Best (And Worst) Moments of the Series

unbreakable kimmy schmidt season 4

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt has finally come to a conclusion after four seasons.

It was smart for Netflix to end the show now, especially since it had always been hit or miss. For every moment of hilarity, there seemed to be a moment that totally bombed.

So in honor of the end of Kimmy Schmidt (which dropped on Netflix on January 25), here are some of the best — and worst — parts of the entire series.

1. Titus Andromedon (Literally Every Moment He’s On Screen)
unbreakable kimmy schmidt season 3
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Titus was absolutely the best thing to come out of Kimmy Schmidt. Pretty much every time Titus was onscreen, you were laughing. It wasn’t only that Tituss Burgess was given such a great character and script, but also that he totally pulled it off.

Some of the best of the best was his parody of Beyonce’s “Lemonde”, the time he ate Dionne Warwick, when he joined the cast of Cats, when his likeness and voice was used for a cartoon bladder commercial, “Boobs in California”, his relationship with Mikey, and his job as a werewolf waiter.

I’m pretty sure the series should just be renamed The Incredible Titus Andromedon at this point.

2. Jacqueline’s Native American Subplot (Worst)
unbreakable kimmy schmidt season 4
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Wow, this was incredibly cringe-worthy. In season one, we learned that Jacqueline grew up on a reservation as her parents are Native American.

It would have been bad enough if this were it but over the next few seasons, Kimmy Schmidt only continued to double-down on the storyline.

Whoever thought a white girl playing an indigenous girl would be funny should not be working in television.

3. Peeno Noir (Best)
kimmy schmidt season 4 review
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Ah, the song that started it all!

If you weren’t convinced that Tituss Burgess was a gem at this point, “Peeno Noir: Ode to Black Penis” surely changed that. Pretty much everyone was singing “Penno Noir, leather bar / Oh, so close and yet so far.”

It was truly the first moment of pure genius Kimmy Schmidt.

4. Kimmy’s Recovery Story (Best)
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Throughout the four seasons, we watched Kimmy deal with the fallout from being kidnapped as a girl and living in a bunker for years.

The show actually did a great job of showing how PTSD subtly affected Kimmy and then later how she had to stumble through therapy and the painful feelings that come along with it.

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Although Kimmy doesn’t have it all figured out by the end, it was lovely watching Kimmy’s journey as she adapted to her new world.

5. Jacqueline and Trump Join the Mile-High Club (Worst)
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In season 4b, an episode features an alternate universe in which Kimmy never gets kidnapped and Titus misses his bus to New York. The episode as a whole was only ok, but the worst moment by far was the subplot in which Jacqueline hooks up with Trump on an airplane.

Personally, I find any humorous depiction of Trump on a scripted show abhorrent and this was no different. The scene was just in bad taste.

6. Kimmy and Dong’s Love Story (Best)
kimmy schmidt finale review
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In perhaps the most innocent relationship ever, Kimmy and Dong’s love was incredibly sweet. Ki Hong Lee was adorable as Dong and pulled off every hilarious line with a straight face.

Of course, Kimmy and Dong’s relationship doesn’t end as we hoped. But a happily-ever-after would have been so overrated.

7. Jon Hamm (Worst)
kimmy schmidt season 4
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I almost hesitated to put this on the list because I realize I’m in the vast minority here but Jon Hamm’s rendition of the Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne was just never funny to me.

I’m probably a little biased here because I was never a fan of Hamm’s to begin with, but I found his scenes to be over-the-top — and not in a good way. I’m so glad that they eventually wrote him off for good because it was truly getting painful.

You can watch all four seasons of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix.


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