KJ Apa Reads Crazy 'Riverdale' Theories, Uses the Word 'Gnarlyness' In the Process

Oh, KJ Apa. What a unique fellow. We must protect him at all costs.

In a video for Elle, KJ read some pretty ridiculous Riverdale fan theories and adorably commented on each one. I’ve never seen a man laugh more in a 2-minute period when what he’s reading isn’t even that hysterical. Truly a young Jimmy Fallon in the making.

KJ read the first theory,

“‘I hope Riverdale introduces Sabrina the Teenage Witch, she resurrects Jason Blossom as a zombie and turns the show into straight up horror.’ That would actually be sick. We don’t really know what’s going to be happening with Sabrina, but I’m a fan.”

With all the talk on how ‘dark’ Riverdale is turning, it really wouldn’t phase me if this did happen. I’d just stare at my television and think, ‘Yeah, ok. Makes sense.’

KJ read another theory and said,

“‘Archie’s going to pull away from Veronica. I’m not ready. What the fuck am I going to do?’ Yeah, there’s definitely some, uh, gnarlyness between Archie and Veronica for sure.”

Oh, son. That’s not a word. Anyway, continue.

KJ read,

“‘If Cheryl Blossom’s new love interest isn’t Toni Topaz, I’m going to be pissed.’ Yeah, you’re probably going to be pissed.”

I think KJ’s right. I already established the theory that Toni Topaz is going to be Jughead’s new love interest, thus causing issues between Jughead and Betty. I thought we covered this.

Watch the adorable man here:

Anne Catherine Demere
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