Dear Kodak Black: It's Not Ok to Sexually Harass Young M.A. Because She's Gay

young ma lesbian kodak black

“How are you a girl, but don’t want your pussy penetrated? Don’t be mad at me, ’cause I want you, baby, don’t be mad at me.”

That was the response Kodak Black gave to fellow rapper Young M.A. after she went to Instagram live to call him out on his blatant homophobia directed towards her (Young M.A. identifies as gay).

Kodak has been doing this since last month after he left a comment under a picture of Young M.A. and Nicki Minaj saying “both of y’all a get it.” And now, Young M.A. and her fans have had enough. Given Kodak’s comment, it’s obvious he doesn’t care. Why would he care about consent? He’s about to be on trial for a 2016 first- degree sexual assault case. Sexually harassing a woman via social media isn’t going to look too good in court.

His mentality towards Young M.A. is nothing new. For some reason, a lot of men have this mentality that 1. lesbian sex and relationships are somehow around for their sexual pleasure and 2. the only reason a woman is a lesbian is that she hasn’t found “the right dick” yet, that somehow their sexual orientation would magically change if they had sex with a man. In his newest single, “Pimpin Ain’t Easy” he says,

“I be pullin straps on these fuck n****s/I go Young M.A. on these dumb bitches/like a dyke man, you n****s can’t fuck with me/I’m fucking Young M.A. long as she got a coochie.”

Excuse my language but he’s acting like such a fucking entitled man who thinks he can take any vagina that comes his way.

There are people online saying that it’s just a joke and we’re taking it too seriously.

young ma nicki minaj
Young M.A. with Nicki Minaj / Instagram

But fans of the Brooklyn rapper have a right to feel upset, because, at the end of the day, this shit is more than just annoying. I genuinely want to know what’s going on in the minds of men who think that this is okay. Like, what compels them to say things like this? Given all the backlash he’s gotten, Kodak took to Instagram live to “apologize.”

“I was just bullshittin’, man, I know I be jiving. I be jiving around and shit like that y’all know me. And leave her alone!… lot of people be sensitive on the internet and in life. People go to saying crazy shit… like come on now.”

How is harassing a woman who doesn’t want your time, attention or you “bullshittin'”?

I started getting catcalled by grown ass men at the age of twelve. And I guarantee you that many women have stories like this. At twelve I was uncomfortable and scared and at twenty-seven I’m still uncomfortable and scared. This isn’t funny or “just a joke,” it’s a violation.

kodak black young ma lesbian
Young M.A. with “Stubborn Ass” music video co-star Bernice Burgos / Instagram

What baffles me the most is that men like him act like they don’t understand consent. They understand consent, they just don’t care. Because they don’t see women as people, and for some reason, lesbians are at the bottom of the totem pole. They’re simply women who haven’t been “turned out” yet.

And you know damn well that these type of dudes get bent out of shape at the sight of a gay man. Because for some reason, they think every gay man on the planet wants them. They understand consent when they’re uncomfortable, but not when you’re uncomfortable.

Kodak has millions of young fans who are going to look at his behavior towards Young M.A. and think it’s okay and funny. It sets up another generation of boys and men who are going to get off on harassing women and making them uncomfortable. They’re going to find it funny to catcall and harass a couple minding their business and walking down the street. More often than not, catcalling leads to violence against women, it’s a gateway.

I’m not surprised by the utter lack of disrespect, but damn it, I’m getting tired of it.


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