krispy kreme green doughnuts

Want to go green? You’re going to have to wait in line. Krispy Kreme released their green doughnuts today in honor of St. Patrick’s Day and people are stoked.

Krispy Kreme first started teasing their O’riginal Glazed Doughnuts online as early as March 6, and the hype was apparently worth the wait.

Fans are reportedly waiting in line for hours just to get a bite of the new merchandise.  Personally, we think the doughnuts look like the color of vomit, but hey, we’re not here to judge!

Folks who waited are saying it was worth it, though, so perhaps the doughnuts contain the luck of the Irish?

Our favorite tweets include:

LOL! Krispy Kreme also released a short YouTube video to go along with your tasty treat, because of course, they did. Unfortunately, they’re only available in the U.S and Canada so anyone abroad will have to stick to regular doughnuts.

Would YOU wait in line for a bite of the green doughnuts?

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