Kristen Bell on ‘Veronica Mars’ Reboot: I’ve Never Been Prouder of Any Other Role

hulu veronica mars reboot

Veronica Mars is a badass babe and Kristen Bell knows it.

The actress recently chatted about Hulu’s reboot of Veronica Mars and how proud she is to play such an empowering character.

She told ET,

“I think it’s really important to recognize this character, who Rob [Thomas] calls ‘post-superhero without a cape,’ is still very relevant. We are having a lot of public conversations right now about girls and conduct and how you act as a strong female. I am not prouder than anything than having been a part of this role that my daughters will see one day because Veronica knows how to act in the world.”

The original series, which premiered back in 2004, was way ahead of its time. It dealt with topics like rape and sexual assault even dedicated the entire third season to Veronica solving a series of rapes on her college campus.

kristen bell veronica mars reboot
Kristen with fellow cast member Jason Dohring and Ryan Hansen

Kristen added,

“They say, ‘Make change through your art, pick projects that you think will promote the goodness that you want to see in the world. And this, man, this is one of those shows for me.”

The Hulu miniseries, which will officially be dubbed season 4, promises to give fans more of everything they love.

“We’ve known all along that the fans wanted this character back in their lives, as much as we have. I mean, look marshmallows, we see you, we hear you, I see you all the time on social media. I love you. We wanted to give this to you for a while, and we finally made it happen.”

The revival series will bring back all of the series regulars — Keith Mars, Logan, Wallace, Weevil, Dick, and even Leo — as well as new faces.

Veronica Mars season 4 drops on Hulu on July 26.


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