Now, the actress is finally feeling comfortable in her own skin.

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Kristen Stewart has never particularly embraced fame. And after her infamous slit from Twilight costar Robert Pattinson and she started publicly dating women, it seemed like she hid even further inside her shell. Now, the actress is finally feeling comfortable enough in her own skin to relax and (kind of) enjoy the spotlight.

She recently told The L.A. Times,

“I’ve discovered a way to live my life and not feel like I’m hiding at all. And I think that’s pretty apparent for anyone who cares — not that everyone does. But I think that if you had been tracking it in any way, it’s more apparent that I’m more relaxed than I used to be.”

This has been particularly evident with her on-again girlfriend Alicia Cargile. The two have openly been holding hands in public, and even smiling for the paparazzi.


still from Kristen’s new film Equals

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Additionally, she says that she feels like she’s gotten better at assessing people’s motives, which she used to be especially paranoid about.

“Somehow, as I got older, I reoriented my mind. I’ve gotten better at assessing people’s motivations. It’s not something I have to overtly think about — what I share and what I don’t share. It’s a natural thing. Whereas, when I was younger, I was like, ‘You’re gonna screw me over.’ Now I’m like, ‘Whatever. You can’t.’”

Kristen newest movie Equals co-starring Nicholas Hoult is currently in theaters. Her other film, Woody Allen-directed Cafe Society, is also in select theaters.

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