Y'all Need to Chill Over Kylie Jenner's Hand Sanitizer

kylie jenner hand sanitizer
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There’s a lot to be angry about these days.

White supremacists are storming and looting the Capitol, police are getting away with murder, immigrant families are still being torn apart, Black transwomen are being murdered at an all-time high rate, and so much more.

But Kylie Jenner‘s $7 hand sanitizer? Not something to be angry about.

kylie jenner hand sanitizer backlash

After Kylie announced the launch of the new Kylie Skin product, many folks took to Twitter to express their anger at her for “exploiting” the coronavirus pandemic.

Ummm… yeah, so has literally every other beauty company. Just do a quick search on Sephora or Ulta and you’ll find tons of hand sanitizer from name-brand makeup companies. And trust that many of them cost a whole lot more than $7.

As soon as COVID hit the U.S., pretty much every company started trying to find ways to benefit, from making hand sanitizer to making masks.

Ironically, Kylie was one of the few brands to actually donate hand sanitizer. Back in April 2020, Kylie donated 6,000 lbs of hand sanitizers to Southern California hospitals. This was on top of the $1 million she had already donated to help hospitals buy medical equipment.

Listen, there are plenty of things to criticize Kylie Jenner about (her constant cultural appropriation and her many vacations during COVID, to name a few). But her $7 hand sanitizer? Definitely not something that’s worth your anger.

Next time, save your energy for the white supremacists trying to dismantle our democracy.


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