While you were busy shopping on black Friday, Lady Gaga was donating her time.

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While you were busy shopping on black Friday, Lady Gaga was donating her time to an LGBTQ homeless shelter. Yeah, she’s that good.

Gaga went to the Ali Forney Center for homeless youth in Brooklyn where she performed an acoustic version of “Million Reasons.” According to the singer’s Twitter, she also led the group in a meditation.

She told the kids,

“I’m here today not because I had to excruciatingly pull time out of my schedule to come be here. I’m here because I want to be here. And I’m here because I want this to affect other people around the world, and to remind them that when they are kind, it not only makes the other person feel good, but it makes me feel good too.”

She is so sweet!

Lady Gaga has been extra supportive lately and has been tweeting her support for both Selena Gomez and Kanye West for the struggles with mental health. After Selena’s amazing AMA speech, Gaga posted a pic of the two praising Sel’s “big heart” that she shares with the world. As for ‘Ye, Gaga has tweeted “I support & love u brother, I see in you bravery & courage to stop this tour & take care of YOU. You are a GREAT artist” in the wake of his hospitalization.

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