Be still our hearts! Lance Bass has recently dropped this juicy nugget: he still group texts with his bandmates from *Nsync.

Our inner 9-year-olds cannot handle this. Bass casually mentioned this while chatting with Entertainment Tonight at the Race to Erase MS Gala. Bass was asked specifically about the “It’s gonna be may” memes that float around, to which he responded,

“We’ve had a group text for years and this time of year it’s really funny. We find the best memes, the most embarrassing ones of all the other guys, and yeah, it’s fun.”

LOL! What we wouldn’t give to be on those group texts!

He added that he finds pretty much any picture of himself from that time embarrassing but we beg to differ. What girl didn’t have a Lance Bass poster on their wall, after all?

PS — We don’t condone phone hacking but next time someone wants to hack a celeb’s cell, we vote for Lance Bass.

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