laverne cox
source: Instagram

We love how Laverne Cox is never afraid to put herself out there!

The Orange is the New Black star recently shared pic of her rocking a see-through mesh bodysuit and she looks amazing! She captioned the photo,

“I took this #selfie for me without any intention of sharing it but why not.”

We’re always amazed when someone is willing to bare it all, but it’s especially pertinent that Cox did it. As a Transgender woman and activist, she often faces so much scrutiny surrounding her body, particularly how “feminine” she looks or doesn’t look. Which is ridiculous, of course, because not only does she have a rockin’ bod, but it’s also nobody’s business!

Her fans were super supportive and many left comments about how gorgeous she looked and how inspirational they found the photo.

Cox has been a huge advocate for the Trans community and is often lauded for her public activism. She previously told Elle,

“I believe it’s important to publicly claim all these components of who I am with pride because I’ve not always been able to do so.”

She added that it took her a while to finally accept herself but,

“I’d taken the medical steps to live more authentically, and yet I was laughed at, misgendered, and harassed everywhere I went. I never felt safe leaving my home. I knew that living my truth was way, way better than living a lie.”

Cox returns in OITNB for season 5, which will drop on Netflix June 5. Can’t wait!