As we know by now, President Trump has been no friend to the LGBTQ community.

Since taking office, he’s made it his mission to roll back every single Obama-era protections, including his attempt to ban transgender individuals from the military.

And actress and activist Laverne Cox is legitimately scared, as we all should be.

In Laverne’s recent interview with Variety, she said,

“For the trans community, with our previous president so much progress really happened, and most of the progress has been rolled back. So what scares me for kids is that there really are no protections in schools. In places like Mississippi, there are states with laws that are criminalizing trans folks. I’m worried there’s no recourse now. I’m worried there’s no protection.”

And unfortunately, Trump isn’t the only threat to the trans community. Laverne added,

“Right now in this country, in the first days of this year, 10 states introduced 21 pieces of legislation targeting trans people, mostly trying to limit our ability to go to the bathroom. The current president is trying to ban us from the military. Our unemployment rate is three times the national average.”

One of the biggest issues leading to transphobia is the sheer ignorance of many Americans. According to Laverne,

“84% of Americans do not personally know someone who is transgender. So most Americans learn what they learn about trans people through the media.”

If Laverne’s rhetoric doesn’t make you understand the bleakness of the current situation for trans individuals, then you clearly haven’t been listening.

If you’d like to get more involved in transgender rights, head to the National Center for Transgender Equality.


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