Turns Out Lee from ‘The Bachelorette’ is a Disgusting Racist

lee bachelorette
source: ABC

We’re taking one Bachelorette contestant off our bracket.

It turns out 30-year-old Lee Garrett is a racist, sexist piece of trash

Tweets from Lee’s personal account surfaced online yesterday, and many of them are seriously disgusting. His account is now set to private, but all-hail the screenshot, we have proof of his trash attitude.

Obviously, people are slamming Garrett for his words. But people are also mad at the show’s casting. How was he allowed on? It’s not like these tweets were from 5 years ago and he has 20,000 tweets to sort through. He has about 1,500 tweets, and many of these posts are only from a year ago. Despite his now-private status, they were obviously pretty easy to find.

Variety reports that “the network only learned about the tweets when they were approached by the media on Wednesday, and had no prior knowledge of their existence.”

I feel like this day in age, contestants’ social media should be screened. Especially people who make the final cut and are going to appear on the show.

In terms of steps of action, it’s tough to know the right call. We don’t know how far Lee makes it in the competition, and since the show is done taping, it’s not like he can be pulled off. An apology from him would kind of mean nothing, since these are clearly attitudes he holds. An apology from the show would be a good starting point. They either have to admit they let a racist, sexist pig on their show, or admit that their screening process isn’t thorough enough.

But let’s give credit where credit is due: Lee is scum.

Rachel is too good for the Lees and DeMarios of the world. Let’s see an end to this ridiculousness.

Allie Bush
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