'Riverdale' Season 2: Lili Reinhart is Proud of the Show for Tackling Sexual Assault

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Last night’s Riverdale was peak dark. I mean, the cast told us for months this season would be intense, right?

The whole thing started with a party (doesn’t it always?). Nick tried to force himself on Veronica, but she was quick to stop his advances. He then set his sights on Cheryl. He drugged her and took her back to his hotel room, most likely in order to rape her. Just in time, the Pussycats and Veronica bust in and beat Nick up.

I have to say, the scene couldn’t have been more timely. It seems like with every new week comes more accusations and stories from women of sexual assault in Hollywood, including an experience Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart shared herself not too long ago.

Discussing last night’s episode, Lili told Elle,

“I think it’s good timing that this story is being told [on Riverdale] when the issue is being talked about and is very prevalent. It’s a very unfortunate situation, but it’s good that people are coming forward and that it’s being talked about. People might think that it’s only happening in the entertainment industry, but it’s definitely not. This is a representation of how [sexual assault] can happen to a high-school girl—or high-school girls.”

Because last night’s ep saw a troubled part of Betty that Lili hasn’t played before, Lili had to recuperate after shooting.

She said,

“Those were such long days and such long nights, so I slept a lot. I had to build myself back up a little bit, build morale with myself again, because I had gotten to a pretty dark spot since that’s what Betty was feeling. I would try to push those feelings away when I got home at the end of the day, try to not let it stay with me.”

Lili’s hard work and emotional exhaustion was worth it, because last night’s episode was one of the best this season.

Anne Catherine Demere
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