Guess who just started watching Gilmore Girls! That’s right, the Hamilton genius himself Lin-Manuel Miranda is the latest to hop on the bandwagon.

Lin-Manuel tweeted that he just started watching the show, although his wifey has been a fan since the beginning.

“Okay. So I’m watching my first episode of Gilmore Girls ever. *dodges garbage* I MISSED IT THE FIRST TIME AROUND! (it is AWESOME)”

We love it! The multi-talented artist then continued to live-tweet as he watched the pilot, at the end writing,

“I’ve only seen the first episode. I think you’ll be alright. THE REST OF YOU CHILL WITH YOUR TEAMS AND YOUR OTHER BULLS**T I JUST GOT HERE”

LOL. We can’t wait to see if he’s Team Dean or Team Jess (let’s be real, Lin would never be Team Logan).

Lin-Manuel joins the ranks of other celeb fans that includes most recently Jimmy Fallon, who opened up about his new obsession on his show. He even had Alexis Bledel come on to speak — although he insisted that she not reveal any spoilers about the ending of the revival since he hasn’t gotten there yet.

Arrrgh, we can’t wait to see what Lin thinks of the rest of the series!

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