Lindy West's 'Shrill' is Getting the TV Treatment and Thank God!

What great news to start off the week! Feminist writer and body positive activist Lindy West has officially announced that her amazing book Shrill is becoming a TV show!

The show will star SNL’s Aidy Bryant (because, who else?). Aidy wrote on Instagram that she’s set to play “a fat woman with a full dynamic life,” inspired by the life of Lindy.

It’s so great to have a TV show starring a big girl without it being all about her weight.

Shows like Mike and Molly, Drop Dead Gorgeous, and This is Us — while all great shows — have heavily focused on their characters’ weights as plotlines.

And while, yes, that may be a big part of a fat girl’s life, it’s definitely not the only thing in her life.

Activists like Lindy West have proven that time and time again. Anyone who has read Shrill knows that Lindy’s story is about so much more than her journey to body acceptance. She has a full life with a loving husband, an amazing career as a journalist, and so much more. And it’s only right that TV shows start reflecting that.

The show has been picked up by Hulu, which seems to be making a play for feminist content lately. And after the huge success of Handmaid’s Tale, who can blame them?

No word yet on the premiere date but we’ll keep you posted.

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