Hell, yeah! With their lipstick “F*ck Trump”, Lipslut has already raised $1000,000 that goes directly towards helping immigrants families detained at the border.

Founder Katie Sones told Refinery29,

“I believe our call to action has been so successful because the cruel nature of the Zero Tolerance policy is something that people feel strongly about.”

And she couldn’t be more right.

Trump’s Zero Tolerance Policy has inspired a wave of protests and many have demanded that ICE (Immigrant and Customs Enforcement) be disbanded.

And although Trump has signed an executive order ending the policy, many immigrants remain detained and separated from their children. There is currently no plan in place to reunite the families.


6/22/18: Wondering what you can do to help families separated at the border? All you have to do is buy a tube of lipstick.

The socially-conscious beauty brand Lipslut has started a new campaign to help the immigrant families affected by Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy. As of Wednesday, the brand will donate 100% of the proceeds from their “F*ck Trump” lipstick to organizations likes RAICES Texas, Kids in Need of Defense, and Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center, all of which are currently helping families in need through legal services or other resources.

Lipslut founder Katie Sones told TRH,

“I’ve been hearing about this for the last couple of days, and I heard the audio of the kid crying out for her parents, and it was so sad. I knew we had to do something. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for us to raise money again. This is something we care about and wanted to get involved with.”

Lipslut has a reputation for tackling important issues. The brand was born after Trump’s election and ever since the brand pledges to donate at least 50% of their proceeds to the ACLU and/or Planned Parenthood.

They’ve also ran two targeted campaigns before this. Last year, Lipslut raised $40,000 for the victims of the neo-Nazi attacks in Charlottesville. They also introduced a new lipstick called “F*ck Hollywood” in response to the #MeToo movement. 50% of the proceeds of “F*ck Hollywood” goes towards organizations tackling sexual assault.

Lipslut’s plan of donating lipstick proceeds to charity is actually quite genius. Sones explains,

“I knew a lot of people my age cared a lot and they had all this passion, but they themselves weren’t necessarily donating, because they felt they didn’t have the money. A lot of those kids, myself included, you might not feel like you can donate money directly, but you do have money to spend on makeup.”

You can currently buy F*ck Trump liquid lipstick here. All proceeds from now until July 19 with go towards helping families separated at the border.


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