Little Mix 'Think About Us' Music Video: Girls Under Fire For Embracing Their Sexuality

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British badass girl group Little Mix can’t breathe without someone finding a problem with them.

Last week, on their social media pages, the girls dropped stills and clips from their upcoming music video “Think About Us.” The pics featured the girls in intimate embraces with boys, something that is pretty typical in any music video.

While all the girls caught some flack, most of the negative energy was aimed at Jesy Nelson and Leigh-Anne Pinnock. Some fans even went so far as to call the video stills “soft porn” and condemned the band for being bad role models for young girls.

When I looked at the pictures that people were freaking out about, I was stunned. The girls were clothed, with cute crop tops, bralettes, pants, and skirts. The man that Leigh-Anne was on a motorcycle with is her actual boyfriend. I recall Kanye West making a music video with his wife Kim Kardashian with her sitting naked behind him on a bike and I heard nothing about how “disgusting” it was. Instead, Seth Rogan made a parody of it. The girls are singing a love song and the video stars their real boyfriends, so what’s the issue?

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This isn’t the first time Little Mix has come under fire for one of their music videos. Irrelevant news host Piers Morgan slammed the girls last year for their music video for “Strip” on his show Good Morning Britain. He said,

“What’s the point of it other than using nudity to sell albums? It’s stripping off to sell records. It’s using sex to sell records that’s it there’s nothing else to that. I don’t get it.”

Well Piers, you don’t have to “get it,” because it wasn’t made for you. “Strip” is a girl power anthem bop about loving yourself no matter what. The video consists of women of all shapes, sizes and skin tones coming together to love themselves. And the same can be said for this “controversy.”Avene USA

Some people might not like this but it’s not the responsibility of celebrities to raise your children. It’s not their responsibility to mold your child into the person they are going to become. Little Mix is a band that loves each other, that loves women, and that makes it a point to write songs and videos that show women their own self- worth. Hell, the album Salute got me through a bad breakup and made me realize what a bad bitch I was.  To call them “disgraces to girl power” is not only incredibly inaccurate but disgusting.

The whole point of female empowerment is showing women that they have the right to do whatever they want. To dress how they want, to own their sexuality, and to not be ashamed of it. And if a woman wants to be modest, that is their right to do so.

I can’t help but notice that things like this tend to happen more to women when they own their sexuality than to men. I’m sure the same people giving Little Mix crap don’t think twice when a male artist uses a woman in his music video for his own sexual desires. There’s a double standard and if you’re going to go after one, you damn well better go after the other.

The video was scheduled to premiere on February 1st, but fans, myself included, are still waiting. It hasn’t been confirmed, but I wouldn’t be surprised that the reason for delay is a result of the outrage.

In the meantime, check out the lyric video to the song below.


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