A Response to the ‘Live with Kelly’ Co-host Choice

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It’s been a year since Michael Strahan left the co-host chair at Live with Kelly.

More importantly, it’s been a year since Kelly Ripa began enduring the never-ending rotation of changing co-hosts. In hindsight, it actually turned out to be kind of fun to watch, with each new host having a slightly different tone, sense of humor, and hosting style. But still, it seemed fans sought the stability and budding friendship of a more permanent replacement.

The show has seen the likes of Andy Cohen, Josh Groban, Mark Consuelos, Tyler Perry, Carrie Ann Inaba, and more take the spot of co-host for a few days at a time. Over the course of the year, rumors swirled with speculations of the “who” and “when”, in regards to a permanent co-host replacement.

And after an Instagram tease on Sunday night, Monday, May 1st saw the grand reveal of Kelly’s new co-host.

After a year of waiting, the show selected Ryan Seacrest.

My initial response? A resounding “meh.”

Seacrest is fine. He is a host by trade, dabbling in what feels like every show that’s ever been on. But overall, it feels like a really safe and expected choice. He’s pretty neutral when it comes to personality and opinions. At least in his public persona.

A part of me wants to say Kelly should have just had her own show. But I am also very much a fan of the banter, so I do like the co-host aspect of the morning show. But will Ryan even provide the humorous banter we’ve come to know and love? We’ll have to see.

To be fair, I’m not totally sure who I’d like to have seen as Kelly’s new partner. But when Seacrest walked out, I felt kind of disappointed. I want a fresh face, not the face of someone who already hosts and produces everything. How can we get exciting new perspectives if we constantly recycle the same old material?

Again, being my own devil’s advocate, I don’t know what went into picking so perhaps I can’t be overly critical. Other (better) co-hosts who graced us over the past year are busy celebs who stopped by for a few day stint but could understandably never commit to the full-time gig. And who knows if the network had certain demands. But still, feels way too expected.

So overall, Seacrest is a safe choice, but we will see how the show runs with him.

Allie Bush
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