Why Lizzo Says Being Single Is the Best

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credit: @lizzobeeating/Instagram

In case you missed the memo, Lizzo is currently living her best life.

As evident by her album Cuz I Love You, Lizzo is single and *loving it.* She told Cosmo,

“I’m finally free of the evil Gemini I had in my life. I’m really just actually happy and single.

She continued,

“You know when people are single, but they’re still kind of grieving over it and they’re still kind of sad? I’m at the celebratory phase, like everything is a toast, everything is let’s go, girl. I’m really living in my full zhuzh. My full juice.”

Lizzo added that she fully believed anyone else could be just as happy as her living the single life. She even had a few suggestions for us. She said,

“Really take yourself out to dinner, take yourself on dates, masturbate, fuck yourself, you know what I’m saying?
 Cozy up with yourself and watch your favorite TV show. Talk to yourself out loud. Put on outfits and compliment yourself. Be the partner to yourself that you want.”

Well clearly whatever Lizzo is doing is working so I’m *definitely* going to take her advice to heart.

You can currently listen to all of Lizzo’s latest single girl anthems (including “Soulmate”) on her latest album Cuz I Love You.


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