Looking For An Engagement Ring? Here Are 4 Trendy Styles to Check Out

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The pandemic may have halted quite a lot of other things in life, but this doesn’t include love. This is evident by the fact that many jewelry shops are still open, weddings (albeit intimate) are still existent, and there are still many couples getting engaged. There’s no stopping the celebration of love, and this comes with one very important piece of jewelry: the engagement ring.

When shopping for an engagement ring, surely you wouldn’t want to settle for anything less than the best. This means looking for a classic, but trendy engagement ring which you know the love of your life can afford. If you don’t know where to start your search for the perfect ring, you may be overwhelmed at all the sparkle and shine it has once you walk into a ring shop. For example, there are so many options available and different types of diamonds to choose from. You certainly need to have metrics on how to narrow down your options to bring home the most perfect ring.

If you’re going to propose soon to the love of your life, or you’re ready to get engaged, check out some of the trendiest styles below. Or, you can also check out engagement ring inspiration from Ringspo as well.

 1. Petite Side Stones

three stone engagement rings

Ever since Prince Harry presented Meghan Markle with a three-stone ring, it seems as if many ladies are also now dreaming of a ring just like it. While you can’t have the exact same stones as the heirloom pieces from Princess Diana’s jewelry collection, you can still have a three-stoned ring made with petite stones on the side. These can be anywhere from a 1 carat diamond ring with half-a-carat diamonds on each side, or even more if your budget can afford it!

The petite side stones make for that extra bling and shine and may also match the wedding ring that’ll soon be added on the ring finger.

2. Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings

pear shaped engagement rings

As its name implies, pear-shaped diamonds are shaped like a pear. On the bottom, it comes with a more oval shape, which narrows to a marquise shape on the top. Pear-shaped engagement rings may not be as popular as rounded diamonds, but they’re certainly one of the trendiest styles this year. Many ladies love the pear-shaped diamond because the way the diamond is cut perfectly blends to create longer-looking fingers, which adds to the overall elegance.

Another great thing about pear-shaped engagement rings is the fact they’re very easy to customize based on the size and shape of the wearer’s finger. If you want the bottom part of the pear to be stubbier, you can opt for that. Or, you can also go for the usual, narrow elongated form.

Many stylish celebrities like Paris Hilton, Margot Robbie, Victoria Beckham, and Ariana Grande all said ‘Yes!’ to a pear-shaped engagement ring, so that should give a hint of how trendy it is at the moment.

3. Personalized Engagement Rings

unique engagement rings for women

Whatever the cut or shape of the engagement ring, there’s a common trend that’s very popular nowadays. This is having customized or personalized details included in the ring. Since the engagement ring is a very special and important jewelry piece, it’s not surprising that many men are also opting to have personalized or customized rings created.

There are many ways to go about this. If you’re like the royals and have heirloom diamond or jewelry pieces from your family, you can include those diamonds or stones in the ring. Or, perhaps you can feature the birthstone of the love of your life. Or, you can also choose to engrave your initials, a short message, or your engagement date on the ring band.

Personalized engagement rings are very popular as they’ll make the receiver feel even more special with having a piece that’s uniquely theirs.

4. Unique Engagement Rings

unique vintage engagement rings for women

Drifting away from the usual clear diamonds, many brides-to-be are also now after unique engagement rings. This simply means choosing stones that aren’t usual for engagement rings. Some trendy brides like colored stones from pink to peach, green, blue, red, and even yellows! Or, depending on the woman’s personality, many also like unique pearl rings.

The uniqueness of the ring depends a lot on the wearer’s personality. Some may still have the classic clear diamonds in the center set in place by smaller, colored stones, or pearls. While some prefer to have colored diamonds or pearls as the center, focal point.

In Closing

antique vintage engagement rings

With the list above, you are now ready to go ahead and search for what 2021 rings have to offer. Whether it’s buying one for your love or for yourself, there’s certainly a style for every preference — and budget! With the engagement ring being one of the jewelry pieces worn consistently almost every day, it’s not a surprise at all that you’ll want to purchase the most stylish among all the sparkles in the store. That resounding ‘Yes!’ will finally have a nice ring to top it off.

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