New Details on Lucy Hale's New Series 'Life Sentence'— Including the Premiere Date!

It is a wonderful time to be a television fan. With beloved networks announcing shows left and right, there are lots to be excited about.

And now The CW wants its seat at the table, as it is working its way up in the world. From Jane the Virgin and Crazy-Ex Girlfriend, to its slew of superhero shows, the network has really been stepping up its game.

Back in May of last year, the network announced they had picked up Lucy Hale‘s new show Life Sentence and now the series has a premiere date: March 7!

That’s a pretty prime spot, considering it’s right after Riverdale.

Variety reports that in the show, “Hale plays a young woman diagnosed with terminal cancer who finds out that she’s not dying after all and has to learn to live with the choices she made when she decided to live like she was dying.”

Lucy recently opened up about her new character Stella and said,

“She will try anything, but she’s got more of a vintage vibe. We go with a lot of retro looks, and she wears a lot of really bright colors and loud patterns. It’s very different from how I dress in real life, but totally works for the character. She’s really optimistic and full of life and a very happy person, and I think that her clothes reflect that.”

While Lucy is busy with her new show, her former costars will be filming the PLL spinoff The Perfectionists. But Lucy has already shot down any hopes of her making a cameo.

She recently said,

“I don’t think I will be in the spin-off. I will definitely be supporting and watching. I think they’re actually going to film in Vancouver, so I might go, like, stalk the set a little bit.”


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