Lucy Hale Takes on ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Criticism and Typecasting

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Over the past seven years, Pretty Little Liars has pretty much become must-see TV. And with only eight episodes left, we’re not quite sure what we’ll do without it.

But that doesn’t mean that every episode was a hit. In fact, many fans complained that the plot would often become too complicated. And according to Lucy Hale, the cast agreed. Speaking with Vulture, she said,

“We often had questions. Often these story lines just disappeared into thin air. We would be like, ‘Whatever happened to that character? Why didn’t we ever mention this again? Why did Hanna only wear a cast for an episode?’ Things like that. You have to remember, it’s TV, but definitely — we heard the frustrations of the supporters of the show loud and clear. The writers have tried their absolute best to give them all of the answers that they could.”

Not to mention, she often felt like her character Aria Montgomery was a bit, well, overlooked.

“Sometimes I feel they didn’t really know Aria’s place, so they just had her date a hundred guys.”

Now that the show is ending, however, Lucy is ready to move on. That doesn’t mean her role as Aria won’t follow her, however.

“You see us every week, you think that we are those characters. I get called Aria more than I get called Lucy.”

She added,

“I’m sure there’s some type of typecasting because it’s human nature. Everyone has their preconceived notion of who I am as an actress and a person, same with everyone here. I’ve worked with these girls and I know what we’re capable of. I know we all can do whatever the hell we want to do. I love a good challenge. Can’t wait to prove you wrong.”

Lena Finkel
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