'Mean Girls': The Most Iconic Outfits From the Film — 20 Years Later

mean girls regina george outfits
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In April, Mean Girls will officially turn 20. Feel old yet?

When Tina Fey’s brain child debuted in 2004, nobody could have predicted that it would become a classic all these years later. Some have even referred to Mean Girls as “the Citizen Kane of our time” (which, frankly, is an understatement considering how boring Citizen Kane is).

And the casting couldn’t have been more perfect. The film was led by Lindsay Lohan, who was at her peak as a teen idol. She had just released Freaky Friday the year before and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen the month earlier.

Joining her was a platinum blonde Rachel McAdams, who was on the verge of stardom (The Notebook came out in May of that year); Lacey Chabert; Lizzy Caplan; and Amanda Seyfried, who would go on to surprise all of us by becoming a big star (seriously, who could have predicted that?).

Not to mention that Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Tim Meadows rounded out the cast as the adults in the film — although it would be a few years before we truly appreciated their genius as actors.

But no film would be complete without the perfect costuming and Mean Girls totally nailed it. Regina George and the Plastics were the epitome of early aughts fashion with their low-rise mini skirts, strapless satin mini dresses, and teeny tiny graphic tees.

With the Mean Girls 20th anniversary around the corner — and the release of the Mean Girls musical movie imminent — let’s look back at the most iconic outfits from the OG film.

1. “It’s Pronounced Like Katie.”

mean girls outfits cady heron
credit: Paramount Pictures

I may or may not have owned this entire outfit at one point or another (including those heinous corduroy pants).

2. “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink.”

mean girls lindsay lohan outfits
credit: Paramount Pictures

I really need to know where they got that ridiculously oversized polo.

3. “Get In, Loser. We’re Going Shopping.”

mean girls regina george outfits
credit: Paramount Pictures

I’m pretty sure Regina George stole this outfit from Paris Hilton’s closet.

4. “I’m Not Like a Regular Mom, I’m a Cool Mom.”

mean girls outfits amy poehler
credit: Paramount Pictures

The image of Amy Poehler in this Juicy Couture pink velour sweatsuit will forever be seared into my brain.

5. “In Girl World, Halloween is the One Night a Girl Can Dress Like a Total Slut And No Other Girls Can’t Say Anything About It.”

mean girls regina george outfits
credit: Paramount Pictures

Do girls still dress like this for Halloween?? Inquiring minds need to know.

6. “I’m a Mouse, Duh!”

mean girls outfits karen amanda seyfried
credit: Paramount Pictures


7. “Why Are You Dressed So Scary?”

mean girls outfits lindsay lohan cady herron
credit: Paramount Pictures

I’m pretty sure the girl in The Ring wore that exact same wig.

8. “In the Girl World, All the Fighting Had to Be Sneaky.”

mean girls regina george outfits rachel mcadams
credit: Paramount Pictures

How this didn’t become an actual fashion trend at the time is beyond me.

9. “What a Bright Time, It’s the Right Time…”

mean girls outfits jingle bells costume
credit: Paramount Pictures

Real talk, Lindsay Lohan looked absolutely incredible in those knee-high boots.

10. “It’s Just Gonna Be a Few Cool People and You Better Be One of Them, Byotch.”

mean girls cady outfits lindsay lohan
credit: Paramount Pictures

This strapless satin mini was *everything* at the time.

11. “She Doesn’t Even Go Here!”

mean girls outfits costumes damien
credit: Paramount Pictures

The mere silhouette of this look is truly iconic.

12. “The Limit Does Not Exist.”

mean girls outfits cady heron lindsay lohan costumes
credit: Paramount Pictures

Being a Mathlete never looked so cool.

13. “Are You Still an Asshole?”

mean girls janis ian purple prom suit
credit: Paramount Pictures

The idea to put Janis and Damien in matching purple suits for prom was a stroke of pure genius.

14. “She Fractured Her Spine And She Still Looks Like a Rock Star.”

mean girls regina george outfits costume prom dress
credit: Paramount Pictures

It’s the flowers in the head brace that really do for it me.


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