Meet the Brand Determined to Change the Stigma Around UTIs

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This article is brought to you in collaboration with Utiva.

We’ve come a long way when it comes to normalizing many reproductive health issues. But one topic that still carries a terrible stigma? UTIs.

Although most of us suffer in silence, none of us are alone. An NIH study found that 50%-60% of cis women will experience at least one UTI in their lifetime. So, if we’re all going through the same thing, why are we so ashamed to talk about it?

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Cis women in particular are made to feel ashamed and embarrassed when they get a UTI. We’re made to feel like we did something wrong, like we’re unhygienic.

But there is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. And wellness brand Utiva is here to make sure you know that.

Utiva, a Canadian-based healthcare brand, is determined to change the way we think about UTIs. Utiva aims to provide a full, well-rounded approach to tackling UTIs that includes education, detection, and management.

Urologist Dr. Dana Rice explained,

“Utiva is a brand built by a team who has a strong desire to educate and help patients with chronic genitourinary problems achieve success. They offer so much more than high-quality supplements. They are offering the opportunity to end the stigma around urinary tract infection by educating and furthering the conversation on urinary health strategies through clinically proven, natural products.”

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Dr. Rice is part of a team of medical specialists that helped develop Utiva’s unique line of products — one that aims to help patients ditch their antibiotics.

Unfortunately, as most people with chronic UTIs know, a doctor’s appointment often ends with a prescription for antibiotics. But relying on antibiotics is not a viable long-term solution. It can lead to antibiotic resistance, which, according to the CDC, is “one of the world’s most urgent public health problems.”

In addition to risking antibiotic resistance, overuse of antibiotics can lead to serious health issues like upsetting — or possibly even destroying — your gut flora, a vital part of digestion and urinary tract health.

UTI cranberry pills

That’s why Utiva offers natural alternatives that include 36 PAC Cranberry Pills, a D-Mannose supplement, and a Probiotic supplement.

Utiva’s Cranberry Pills are particularly noteworthy because they contain 36 mg of soluble Proanthocyanidins (PACs) at 15% concentration — one of the highest in the market right now.

According to Dr. Colleen McDermott, a Urogynecologist at Mount Sinai Hospital, this is one of the best ways you can prevent your UTI. She explained,

“When considering cranberry supplements, I recommend my patients to select a product that contains 36 mg of Proanthocyanidins (PACs). The evidence supports PACs as being the active molecule of the cranberry which stops bacterial adherence to the bladder wall thus helping to reduce recurrent UTIs.”

UTI natural cranberry pills

In addition to the cranberry pills, Utiva offers D-Mannose, which targets E. Coli to maintain a healthy urinary tract, as well as a probiotic, which aims to improve both urinary tract and gut health. The brand also offers UTI home testing kits and personal cleansing wipes to round out your health care.

Utiva’s offerings don’t merely stop at its products, though. Because the company is so committed to changing the stigma around UTIs, they also offer online educational tools including an ebook, a UTI tracking app, and support in the form of a Facebook group. Utiva also gives you the opportunity to consult with a doctor directly if you’re unsure of your diagnosis or symptoms.

If you’re currently suffering from a UTI or want to go into prevention mode, check out Utiva’s website to see which product(s) is right for you.

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