Melania Trump’s First Lady Portrait is Already Making People Mad

melania trump
source: White House

Melanie Trump’s First Lady Portrait is officially here. And people are not impressed.

ABC was the first to give everyone a peek and the response has been, well, horrendous. Most of the comments attack her for her looks, the airbrushing and her sexuality.

We’re not saying Melania is our number one gal or anything, but let’s be clear here: other than marrying the wrong dude, she has done very little wrong so far as a First Lady.

Yes, she hasn’t been living in the White House — which, understandably, upsets tax-payers, who have to pay for security in Trump Tower in New York while Barron finishes up the school year. And yes, she hasn’t exactly embraced her role of First Lady yet. And she totally ripped off Michelle Obama’s speech while on the campaign trail.

But regardless, there is no reason to attack her. Especially, for a portrait, that let’s be real, she may or may not have had any control over. Who knows whether or not she asked for the airbrushing. And even if she did, it’s still not justification to call her slut! Airbrushing is pretty much standard, and as much as it chills us to our feminist bones, it’s not an excuse to attack someone.

Some of the meaner comments on Twitter include:

Not cool, people. Hate Donald Trump all you want, but until Melania does anything wrong, let’s lay off her, ok?

Not to mention that she has big shoes to fill. Regardless of politics, Michelle Obama was one of the most likable First Ladies in recent history and her advocacy for healthy eating, exercise, and education made her a White House darling. It’s been less than 100 days for Melania — can we just give her a chance before tar and feathering her?

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