Over recent years, more and more celebrities have come forward to talk about personal struggles with mental health conditions like depression and anxiety.

The latest celeb to do so is singer Michelle Williams, of Destiny’s Child.

While appearing on CBS’s The Talk this week, Williams opened up about her own personal struggle with depression, that reached its peak during her years in the famous trio.

She explained that feelings of depression plagued her during her most famous years in the group. She said her manager asked her how that could be possible, as she had signed a multi-million dollar deal and was about to go on tour with the group.

Of course, this is now a known misconception about depression and other mental health conditions. We’ve learned with mental health research that this isn’t how depression works. Depression doesn’t always have a clear-cut, triggering event. Just because your life seems “happy” doesn’t mean you can’t get depression. Look at all the celebrities who seem to “have it all”, but are severely depressed. We understand how these kinds of mental health conditions work better now.

Michelle shared that at times she thought that perhaps she was just overtired, but knew she had to make a change when her thoughts turned suicidal. She took better care of her mental health and is glad that she can now be an educator and advocate for mental health awareness.

She took to Twitter to thank CBS for giving her a platform.

Thank you, Michelle, for being another amazing advocate for mental health awareness!

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